Teaching is one of my favorite roles as a PhD candidate, whether done informally, through undergraduate mentorship, or in a classroom setting. Although my fellowship has allowed me to shift from a TA focus to a research focus in the final years of my PhD, I have sought out opportunities to continue my training in education including completing a Teaching Preparation Certificate (2020) from the Faculty Innovation Center at the University of Texas at Austin and guest lecturing in Introduction to Physical an Chemical Hydrogeology.

Courses Taught

Physical Hydrogeology, Teaching Assistant (2017)

This is a course for upper level undergraduates and early career graduate students that focuses on the physics of goundwater movement.

Introduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology, Teaching Assistant (2017)

This course is for early and mid level undergraduate students. It focuses on introducing students to mathematical and chemical equations that form the basis of later studies in hydrology, hydrogeology, and aqueous geochemistry.

Age of Dinosaurs, Teaching Assistant (2016)

This is a introductory course for non major undergraduates that focuses on dinosaur morphology and evolution.